Wednesday, 29 June 2011

West End Girls.

Book cover for West End Girls, Barbara Tate's memoir about life as a prostitute's maid in postwar Soho

 I read this amazing thought provoking book recently and could not put it down and felt a sadness when I finally finished it. 
It is a true account of London's Soho and
I  feel honoured to have been able to share the lives of these wonderful often misunderstood girls and wish I could have met Mae just the once.

Soho 1948.
Mae a glamorous West End Girl who is Queen of Soho charms a lonely young barmaid into her service as her maid and into her heart as a friend.

This is the maid's true account of life in the decadent underbelly of postwar London.


A working girl waiting for business.

The  maid the author of this book Barbara Tate went on to become a well known and respected artist. 

If you read only one book this year make it this one 
Happy reading.
Toodle Pip.




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  1. Sounds amazingly fascinating! I love the postwar west end... all the seediness and glamour.