Friday, 2 December 2011

Ghosts of (my) Christmas Past.

What Ho...

I thought  it would be lovely to
share with you some of the Ghosts of (my)Christmas Pasts.

This Christmas plague dates from the 1960's and is made of a strong cardboard and was hung  in pride of place on the lounge door when I was a small child.
My Cousin Alan.
 The smartly dress young lad above is my lovely cousin Alan photographed whilst visiting Father Christmas's Grotto circa late 1950's.

My Cousin Christopher, Big Nan, My Mum. Circa mid 1950's.

 It was a big  and expensive day out going to one of the big stores in 
London to visit Father Christmas's Grotto 
and an opportunity to get a professional photograph taken as a memento of the happy occasion
My sister Pamela.

If you look closely to the left side of the photograph you can see 
Father Christmas 
and judging by the look on my sister Pamela's face she is 
neither sure nor impressed.

Circa 1960's

This Christmas card dates again from the 1960's, oh my how Christmas cards have changed this one is made from good quality paper and is a lovely to handle.

Left to right.
My sister Pam, my Mum, me,  Littler Nan,
Big Nan & Candy sat at her feet
Christmas 1966

My hand made Father Christmas Plate circa 1966.

This was the Christmas that I got what I had asked Father Christmas for a Tiny Tears Baby Doll.
Tiny Tears.

Christmas Tree  Circa 1969/1970.

It seems hard to believe now but believe me this tree which was purchased from Woolworth's was the height of fashion and I can remember thinking how lovely it was, so modern, shinny and bright.

Back Row My Dad. Middle Row Roy, My sister Janet, Vi,Front Row, Derek, Me, My Mum.

By this Christmas I become a slightly sullen teenager and thought I was just a little above it all, yer right.

Both my much loved Nan's had died and I now had my Big Nan's dog Candy as my dog..

I know that one of the presents I received this Christmas was a pair of Fluffy Mules (slippers),

and that I am wearing them in this photograph and feeling very very grown up.
I always loved Christmas as a child as I am sure everyone did and when my children were little I was often as excited as they.

This Christmas I am planning a more vintage 1940's war style Christmas with hand made crackers and gifts and lots of e bay buys, all wrapped up in brown paper and string and of course lot of Christmas spirit and love.
Toodle Pip x