Friday, 18 November 2011

One Man Band.

What Ho.......

I thought it was time that I let you into one of my not so well kept secrets I have quite a hidden passion with regards the good old fashion variety acts and therefore was in my element when one of the evenings entertainers at our country house hotel was a one man band no less.
Bruce Thompson has been a unique comedy and musical entertainer for more than thirty years appearing on 'Opportunity Knocks', 'New Faces', 'Tiswas', 'The Two Ronnies', 'Little and Large', 'The big Breakfast' and  'Ant and Dec'.     

Bruce Thompson.
    I have to admit Bruce's show was good but it became memorable when he decided to volunteer   my brother- in- law Steve into being his assistant one man band.
Steve it has to be said had only got up to attend to the call of nature, 
but as you can see that had to wait.
Steve lookiing very scared.

Getting the feel for it .

Going with the flow.


  My sister Pam spent half of the act crying with laughter and saying "well it doesn't get better than this "

Shady Ray & I felt no pity for Steve and our sides ache from laughing so much and as for Steve well he took it all in his stride and finally made it to the Gents via the bar, a pint was required to calm his nerves, well that's what he said....... 

And as for that fickle thing called fame and fortune well Steve spent the next day being patted on the back and having his hand shook and being told how well he had done, how good he was, and that he made the night, so there you go his fifteen minutes of fame and I was there to see it.

Chin Chin x

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