Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Bit of A Kniter.........

What Ho

I have finally booked myself a learn how to knit class / lesson and can not tell you just how excited I am.
I was taught as a small child how to knit by my Big nan and also at Girl's Brigade but I was never really able to knit.
I can crochet , after a fashion but have never really got the hang of knitting and to be honest  it is the wonderful three hour jumpers that Lisa
and Jeni of have completed recently has finally got me motivated.

I also have a small collection of vintage knitting pattern, why I hear you ask seeing as you can't knit ... well.... because I love the pictures and thought may just maybe one day I would learn, well that day has come... well it's next Tuesday really at 11 am, have I said I can't wait.
                                                       This Gal looks awfully tickerty
                                                       Boo don't you think.

And I would just love to be able to knit and wear this cardigan...
You never know one day maybe ...never say never...

I will let you know how I get on and you never know I may even knit one of the now famous three hour jumpers...

Toddle Pip.

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  1. Oooh good luck, its certainly a skill worth mastering! Especially with to all those lovely vintage knitting patterns out there!