Friday, 11 March 2011

Saucy Smalls !!!!!

Ello one and all.
I had a quick wonder round my local village today in the rain before and after having my hair done.
Whilst taking a quick look through the knitting patterns in one of the local charity shops I found these little gems Health Vest for the Family knitted in Coats Musica Health Vest Cotton.

How amazing, I remember my dad always wearing  what he called a singlet /string vest.
But I am certain that his were always shop bought.

And then I found this pattern.

Football legion from the 1950's / 1960's  Bill Brown was happly having his photo used to sell Health Vest knitted in Twilley's No 1 Health Vest Cotton.
Bill Borwn started his career with Dundee in September 1949, with whom he made 214 Scottish League appearances and won the Scottish League Cup in 1952, before joining Tottenham Hotspurs on June 22, 1959, for the then amzing transfer fee of £16,500.

I wonder how much he got paid by Twilley's ? 



  1. I'm wanting to knit one of these vests but I don't know what ply yarn to use. Any advice would be welcome. I'm hoping to knit some of these 'health vests' in bamboo yarn (quick drying), but I don't know what ply yarn to buy.

    1. You can still buy dishcloth cotton - I think that at least some health vest cotton was just dishcloth cotton under a different name, but bleached, though some was finer. (I have a collection of the Twilley's health vest patterns in front of me.) The thicker stuff is described as "heavy cotton" and the tension over the lacy pattern is 3 st. to the inch. For the finer health vest cotton it is 4 st to the inch. My guess would be DK for the heavier stuff and 4-ply for the finer, but I haven't tried it.