Monday, 11 April 2011

Lawrence of Arabia slept here..........

Photos LawtAqaba Castle & Museum Jordon.

Our first port of call as we sailed through The Middle East & North Africa on our cruise ship that offered sumptuous furnishings, exquisitely prepared cuisine and numours cocktails took us to the port of Aqaba Jordan and the land of the mystical and heroic Lawrence of Arabia.


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence
1888 - 1935.
 led the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I and was the pivotal figure in the first wave of the liberation movement in which the Arab people liberated themselves from the Turks and then other colonial powers.
T. E. Lawrence was a British Army officer
 the extraordinary breadth and variety of his activities and associations, and his ability to describe them vividly in writing, have earned him international fame as Lawrence of Arabia, a title popularised by a film based on his life.

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Lawrence died after crashing his Brough Superior SS100  motorbike on a narrow road near his cottage in England.

 T. E. Lawrence
(Lawrence of Arabia) is said to have taken this photograph at
 the time of the capture of Aqaba

AqabaPhotos taken by T. E.Lawrence at tinside aqaba castle 3he time of the capture of AqabaAqabaPhotos takeyT. E.Lawence at the time of the captAqabaPhotosten by T. E. Lawrence at the tim of the capture of
See full size imageLawrence made the fortress his desert headquarters during the winter of 1917, during the Great Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire..

Me posing at Aqaba Castle
This was an amazing experience as it was such an atmospheric place.

Upon returning to the ship we had dinner and several well earned cocktails and relaxed as our next foray ashore was to Petra.

Chin Chin.

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