Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lillies On The Land.

Shady Ray and I gallivanted off to the Theater on Saturday Night to see Lillie's of The Land.

This amazing and at times deeply moving play charted the very personal journey of four of the thousands of women who signed up to become Land Girl's during WWII.

Girls who hailed from all different walks of life, torn from the love and comfort of their families and often bereft of all basic home comforts these girls not only dealt with the hardship that the war brought but also the hardship of farming life.

These girls worked backbreaking hours on farms across the length and breath of the country determined to
do their bit,  to do their best for the War Effort.                      

This play was captivating from the moment the house light went down and the curtain opened, based on hundreds of letters, diaries and interviews with Original Land Girl's it was was funny,  utterly captivating and wonderfully moving. Portraits of some of Britain's pluckiest, unsung heroes unfolded before our very eyes.

production photo 3                    production photo 8                production photo 4

Along with songs from the period Lillie's Of The Land is a truly remarkable and sparkling celebration of an extraordinary episode of Britain's History .... The Women's Land Army of World War II.

I saved this dress to wear to the Theater in honour of the Land Girl's

I brought it a while ago it is an original 1940's and is just to lovely for word.

My shoes are from Rocket Originals.

My necklace is a rose carved from Ivory and the broach is made of leather and both are 1940's.

If you get the chance to see this play, grab the tickets as I found it utterly captivating portrait of some of Britain's pluckiest and to often forgotten hero's.

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