Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spick & Span Spring Cleaning

What Ho

I awoke this morning with a judder as a wave of dread flowed over me
Which is something I do dream off but never seem to achieve so as the sun was shining and I had the whole day off I set too.
 and much to my surprise I achieved quiet a lot.   
I did  a lot of hand washing and several machine loads of washing.
Spring cleaned two bathrooms, sorted out some cloths for the charity shop, tided several cupboards and vacuumed and dusted.
I did however have to go into the village mid day and of course had to be presentable so I wore a vintage mauve & white cotton flowery sun dress similar to the one on the left in this picture
                                                                          I think these dresses are just divine.
However when I return I once again got on with the task in hand

Which included planting the bedding plants that I brought from the green grocers in the village I do like to shop locally.
I have enjoyed my self today there is still however lots of Spring Cleaning left to do......

Toodle Pip.

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