Saturday, 15 October 2011

3rd Liverpool Tweed Run.....

What Ho...

The weekend before last consisted of a day that I had long been attempting to achieve and finally did by taking part in the 3rd Liverpool Tweed Run.                                   
This Tweed Run like the previous two was organised by the totally chappies chap Hildebrand Staggers.

Hildebrand Staggers and John Griffiths.
Hildebrand wears one of the best facial plumage that I have seen in a 
long time, including a magnificent handle bar moustache.

I would love to be able to tell you that It was a stunningly gorgeous day - blazing sunshine and warm temperatures as it had been on the Friday, but instead it was over cast, and drizzling with intermittent rain showers.

Never the less although we were no where near the hundreds that take part in the other bigger Tweed Run we manged double figures, and everyone dressed for the occasion.

Ian Dunning.


Ian had the most amazing items of curiosity in his pockets such as
  A Vintage Bicycle 
                                                                                                                               Collapsibl​e Cup.

Tallulah May


I myself wore a vintage two tone mauve and white cotton summer dress with a pair of my much loved wedge sandals from Rocket Originals, I realised after I had set out that I co ordinated with my Duchess Bicycle.   


Matthew Bradman.


There was fifteen of us in total and even before we started off there was talk about the next tweed run to be held 
                                                in Manchester in November. 
John, Simon, Amanda ,Alexandra in pith helmet, Ian , Tallulah May, Hildebrand, Matthew, Angie.

Tallulah May and Hildebrand Staggers.

We of course stopped several times for liquid refreshment and found time for a picnic is the local nature reserve, with champagne of course....
I was as you can expect tired and weary when I arrived home and slipped into a hot relaxing bath to ease my aching muscles.
I will however be taking part in another Tweed Run as I had the most Topping day and met some new and interesting friends.
Toodle Pip. x

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  1. How wonderful! I wish they had events like that in the states. I love the pattern on your dress and matching sweater