Thursday, 6 October 2011

Not One.... But Two.

Hello Vintage Lovelies.........
I recently had the most wonderful day vintage shopping.
I had the luxury of not one but two vintage fashion / antique fairs 
within walking distance of each other.
I am sure you will agree with me it does not get better than that...........

The selection of clothing was out standing,
and as you can see it was very busy.
I just love the blond lady in the centre, her beehive and fur coat are so chic.
    This fair allowed real vintage furs to be sold,
I know that it is an area of controversy but I personally do have several vintage furs that I not only love but do wear. 
There was also a good range of vintage home wear, 
I resisted the temptation to buy, but only just......
I did however buy this lovely top which has the pretties lace collar and is probably 1950's
                                     I just thought is so so cute and it fits really well.
 I just had to wear it to Lindy Dancing on Monday
and received lots of lovely complements.

I also could not resist this lovely elephant brooch                
there is something special about
Jumbo's don't you think,
It is made of resin / plastic/ Bakelite.
And this Rose brooch had to come home with me
to be added to my growing collection.
It appears to be ether plastic or Bakelite.

I had a wonderful day out  met some old and some new friends and arrived home weary but happy.
Toodle Pip x


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