Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Alan's Birthday Bash ........

Greetings Chaps & Chappettes,

The dapperer dressed chap in the photo with me is      
Alan and recently he throw a Birthday Bash instead 
of our usual Monday Night Lindy Hop Dance Class
run by www.jazzswingdance.co.uk .
and all monies raised on the night went to a charity
of Alan's choice.
           Radio Olympia provided the period music.
Alan & Laura.

Croupier Steph.

Vintage Roulette.

Further monies for Alan's charity was raised during the evening by people playing roulette using a lovely Vintage Roulette wheel, 
there was also a donated teddy to be won and Lynia was the lucky winner. 
The Roulette wheel was soon spinning.     

Some you win, some you loss.
                         Anthony unfortunetly not only lost all of the 7/6 that he had 
                                                          with him  but also the Nylons that he 
                                                                           had promised Steph.

John & Linda, Anthony & Steph.

Shady Ray & Tallulah May. 
Anthony, Isabelle and Steph.

The lovely lady in the middle of the photograph on the right is called Isabelle, she is I have to say one of the nicest people I have met in long time and hope she and I will become friends. 

A great night was had by all with lots of dancing to some amazing music, plenty of chatting and the making of new friends.

All in all a Tickerty Boo night.....

Chin Chin x



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  1. That event looks like it was a lovely time. How nice of the dapper gentleman to throw you a party. I love the suspenders!