Saturday, 1 October 2011

Audition ..... London.

What Ho.....

I will be keeping my fingers & toes cross all day today as friends of ours are auditioning for 
This Years Got To Dance..
  Shady Ray & I were invited to be part of the group, but unfortunately work
      commitments has prevent us being able to attend.........
                                          Anthony & Steph of                     Gillian & Peter 
They have been practicing as a group for weeks, when able Shady Ray & I have joined in.
The auditions are being held at Batersea Power Station London 
so the group will be traveling down by train first thing Sturdy morning, almost on the milk train.
The theme for their dance is The Charleston. 
I am as excited for them as if I was attending myself, fingers  & toes crossed.

Toodle Pip x

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