Tuesday, 22 February 2011

1920's Harlem.... Vintage Dance Hall.

This months Swingaroo Vintage Dance Hall comes from 1920's Harlem... ........
well Preston to be honest.... never the less it promises to be a spiffing wizard of a evening.

  Sian and Julian Whilst the very talented Sian and Julian bring their experience and enthusiasm for Lindy Hop to the Swingaroo Vintage Dance Hall this month they will also be teaching a lesson in Lindy Hop and are confident that you'll love learning to Lindy Hop just as much as they do teaching it and have  a whole lot of fun in the process.

52 Skidoo........

1920's Harlem Swing band will be providing the music to dance to....

They are a three piece Harlem swing band that turnes back the clock playing dazzling sets of vintage American music.

Classic favourites such as.....  Ain't Misbehavin.......  The Joint Is Jumpin and Your Feet's Too Big all carefully woven in between well known hits such as Jeepers Creepers......  Dark town Strutter's Ball and I Ain't Got Nobody to create an authentic 1920 / 30s Harlem gin joint atmosphere.

So all you vintage lovers now is the time to check out your favourite vintage suite or dress as and purchase your tickets Swingaroo Tickets from Lancashire Tickets





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