Saturday, 19 February 2011

Vintage Inspired.

What Ho..... and a tickerly pom. 

I thought I would share my very first attempt at doing my hair in Victory Rolls, I am quiet please at how it turned out and must admit that I cheated by using hair rats ( a cheat supplied by the lovely Betty Bee).

I decided to attempt them as Shady Ray & I go dancing on a Thursday.  


The Lilac Jumper (under cardigan) that I am wearing is hand knitted has short sleeves and a small turned down collar.
I purchased it from Dressing 4 Impressing
 I love this colour and very time I wear it I receive lovely complements and it is just right for dancing in

We had a really good evening,  danced with some talented dance partners, and had a  few giggles.


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  1. Like the style! I don't consider it cheating to use rats, people have always used them- bumpits, bun rolls etc' too!