Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cashmere Diamonds

What Ho.....
I thought I would share with you a recent purchase and also tell you a little bit of the history behind the company and therefore my lovely vintage cashmere jumper.

Ballantyne Cashmere was founded in 1921 in a small Scottish town called Innerleithen in the Borders region

A prestigious and legendary brand which has always used natural fibres of the best possible quality, selecting its cashmere yarns in far-off regions of China and Inner Mongolia. Here, where the winters are very cold, goats protect themselves using their soft and warm fleece: cashmere.
The meticulous care that goes into the selection of raw materials has remained a hallmark of Ballantyne throughout its history.

Over the years, Ballantyne knitwear has been admired and worn by many famous celebrities. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, used to purchase an array of Ballantyne double-yarn Twin Sets in pastel colours from Berk in Madison Avenue every spring, which she later wore during long horse rides.

I love my little jumper it is so soft and snuggerly,  just right for these chilly winter / spring days.

And yes you can be sure that I will be keeping my eyes open for more jumpers, cardigan and twin sets by Ballantyne  of Peebles Cashmere knitwear.


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  1. Fabulous find! I love finding things like that, labels from bygone days that used to be so cherished, that no one has heard of anymore.