Friday, 15 July 2011

Hep Cats.... Part Three .... The Bournemouth Bomshells. & Shazam Vintage.

Me Again What Ho..

The Bournemouth Bombshells was the Vintage Hair Salon at Hep Cats and was run by two of the most lovely gals Lynn & Tina you could wish to meet.

I booked to have my hair done by them mid afternoon Saturday and decided on victory rolls.
And here is the finished result.
I was so pleased with it, oh how
I wish I could either do my hair myself 
or even better find hairdressers like
Tina & Lynn of The Bournemouth Bombshells near to me.

I was ready for Saturday Night Rug Cutters Ball.
And as promised here is just one of the lovely items that I purchased from the Vintage Market from a trader called SHAZAM Vintage.  
The bag is in brand new condition as it was dead stock
and still has it's original coin purse still attached  and is lined with the same peach silk as the coin purse
and was made by Film Star Creations of Hollywood.

And yes of course I used my lovely new  darling bag and received quiet a few complements.

Toodle Pip.

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  1. That hair flower is so pretty! =)