Sunday, 17 July 2011

Thread Bear.

Whey Hey.....
I recently came across hiding sadly in a corner of the spare room at my mothers a very forlorn, lonely and unforgivably forgotten Big Ted.  

If I tried to explain the wave of guilt that washed over me when I found him, you probably laugh, but never the less guilt is what I felt.
I picked him up and automatically cuddled him, strange how some things are done without thinking.
Big Ted was in an unclothed condition when found and considerably more thread bear than I remembered He no longer growls and has lost his key.....  poor Ted...
                        I borough him home with me to be cared for in his                          old age and he now spends his days looking out                          onto the garden in my back lounge.
This is my sister Janet holding Big Ted,
our Big Nan behind her, my sister Pam 
and our Mum at Selfridges London,                                                
visiting Father Christmas. 
                               Big Ted in his prime, 
                               still only a young cub in this picture.
 And this was how Big Ted looks today, I have brought him a
new cardigan and unless I am mistaken I am sure there is a smile 
and a look of contentment on his face.
Although he is a little more Thread Bear than Big Ted nowadays         
He is still much loved 
Toodle Pip.

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  1. Aw. Big Ted is no doubt very glad to have been rescued and loved again, he looks so happy now in his little cardie. That's how childhood teds are! :)