Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hep Cats ... Part Two. The Madison, The Collegiate Shag and Vintage Market.

Greetings Chaps & Chappettes,

Saturday morning dawn after a good sleep and greeted us with glorious sunshine,and after a more than adequate three course breakfast, including full English Shady Ray and I headed for the main ballroom and the Lindy Hop 6 count (basic) lesson being taught by Clare & Robert Austin the couple we run Hep Cats Weekenders.

I then left Shady Ray to learn the Madison taught by Paolo
Judging by the smile on his face he had a great time.
The Madison is an amusing line dance that originated in the late 1950's. According to Lance Benishek (dance historian), "The Madison probably started in Chicago, although it may have been Detroit or Cleveland. The Baltimore Colts learned it in Cleveland and brought it to Baltimore in 1959." It is danced to the Ray Bryant tune, The Madison Time, with calls for the particular dance sequences provided by Eddie Morrison. Eddie was a Baltimore disc jockey who started calling the steps live on the air.                                                        

I went to do some shopping in the vintage market. 

Not only was there soo much to buy, 
but each and everyone of the sellers were lovely, friendly,
knowledgeable and chatty
and yes of course
I brought, 
but that's for another day 
and another instalment

Toodle Pip.

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