Thursday, 4 August 2011

Befuddled Muddle.....

Hello Lovelies

For those of you who may remember I recently took up knitting and my first
attempt is shown here.  

I completed the back and was really quiet pleased with myself, even treated myself to a quarter of sugared almonds...

The pattern is from  
and was knitted by Snoodlebug on her blog
Panic struck however when I got to the ribbing on the front I got so muddled and befuddled that I almost gave up... but never one to be beaten and I had promised myself further sweets I took myself of to see the lovely Kay at John Lewes haberdashery dept and she as always untangled both me and my knitting.

So now the knitting is back on track and I am already planning my next project, I will of course show you the finished jumper lets just hope after all those sweeties it still fits and as always Ilook forward to hearing from you.
Toodle Pip. x

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  1. oh I'm so glad you are now back on track! I remember the first thing I knitted- poor grandma spent more time unpicking than I spent knitting- so many dropped stitches! Tups x