Friday, 19 August 2011

It's mower intresting.


What Ho........

One of the thing I love about being British is that we the British do eccentricity so exceedingly well.

Only in Britain, Southport to be precise would you  find an independent Museum charting the history of the none to humble Lawn Mower.  

The nation's foremost garden machinery collection, 
a multi-award winning unique museum is a treasure trove of over 
250 restored machines relating to a bygone era.
Museum Curator Brian Radam has supplied exhibits to the BBC, 
and TV crews as far a field as China visit to complete documentaries.

There is no better sound in my opinion on a sunny afternoon than that of the rhythmic sound of a cylinder mower as the blades rota. 
  A cylinder (reel) mower from 1888 shown
                                                    rear roller and wheel-driven rotary blades.

I remember my dad spending many hours  mowing 
our extensive lawn when I was a child and when my sister and I
reached our teens we often attempted the mowing,
the mower however always ran away with me, never one to be beaten,
I kept trying, I still love the smell of a newly mowen grass.

This musem is a truely hidden little treasure,

Toodle Pip


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  1. Okay, I may be a geek but this sounds fabulous! I love quirky wee museums dedicated to obscure things - often much more satisfying than massive ones where there's too much to take in!