Saturday, 27 August 2011

Deco Decadence........

What Ho......
The after deco jazz cruise party was held at the    Hydro Hotel in a small but beautifully proportioned function room, with wooden dance floor. -

Anthony treated us  to the pleasures of 
      shallac 78 being played on an 
          orginal wind up gramaphon.

Ones everyone had had the chance to freshen up and change the dancing re commenced in ernest.                                                  
                                               Shady Ray, Allyson, Andy, Lyndia, Steph & Anthony.
 Gillian & Peter    Steph & Anthony. 



We had the pleasure of black & white silent films being shown on a big screen whilst we danced and after midnight whilst we sat and ate cup cake made by the lovely Steph we had the pleasure of  watching Stephen Fry's Bright Young Things. 

The night was a complete hoot we sat and chatted and giggled until the wee small hours when finally we all parted and went our seperate ways to our bedroom having had a totally tickerty boo time.............

Toodle Pip x

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