Monday, 8 August 2011

Rickshaw ...... Dream.

 What Ho

This is one of my many treasures, brought for not a large sum of money many years ago.

It is made of a plastic or resin, the wheels on the rickshaw turn and the parasol can be removed.

I found this photograph and was
amazed at how much it is like my ornament.                               

Rickshaws were first imported to Hong Kong from Japan in 1874.
They were a popular form of transport for many years, peaking at more than 3,000 in the 1920s.
However, after World War II, they lost there popularity and have now all been replaced.

Unfortunetly it looks as if my childhood dream of riding in a rickshaw will not be forfilled whan I visit Singapore  
However Rickshaws are still used in India and I intend to visit there  one day to travel on the Bombay Railway.

Toodle Pip.x

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  1. Hello! wandered over from Tickety boo Tupney's place..! ~ and how funny I should pop in for this particular post ~ can you believe we have a form of these rickshaws in my small town (santa fe, NM)..? They are drawn by a person on a bicycle instead of on foot! Still very much a novelty to see...
    * : )