Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dotty about Vintage ........ Part two.

Back in April I had the honour of being invited to attended the opening of a amazing shop in Morcombe called Dotty's Vintage 
I promised to post photographs of the lovely dress that I feel in love with and purchased and so with out further a do..........      drum roll....

I wore it for the first time at The Hep Cats weekender 
in July and felt a million dollars
The dress and I had our second outing this weekend at an after Jazz river cruise party 
held at the Hydro Hotel Bownes on Winder mere organised by 
our lovely friends Steph & Anthony of  

 Toodle Pip x


  1. love your frocks, will follow the links! Lizzie

  2. Such a pretty design! Suits you very well indeed, and it's great to see a dress worn and enjoyed for dancing and having fun.

  3. oh what a lovely dress, its a beauty!!!