Thursday, 25 August 2011

Deco Jazz Cruise

Hello Lovelies.

Recently a group of us spent a most pleasant evening cruising on lake Windermere from Bowness.
The theme of the night was Evelyn Ward's book 'Vile Bodies' and Stephen Fry's film 'Pretty Young Things'

We met outside the hotel (more of that later) to walk the short distance to the pier.

                                                                         Bowness Pier.

Ones boarded it was no time at all
before the dancing commenced.

Gillian & Peter .

Charleston Stomp.
                                                     Gillian & Anthony.

                                                                                                           Steph & Anthony .
During the interval a supper buffet was served which 
gave us all time to catch our breath and enjoy the scenery.

                                           One of the Steam Boats that still plies it trade on the lake.

                                                                     A Boat House


                                                                                                                                     Shady Ray & I.
                                                Lynda & John

                                                                                                                   Gillian & Pete
                                                                     King / Queen of the world        

 Then of course just a little more dancing.......

                                                                    Steph & Anthony.

                                                                    Gillian & Peter danced at competiton level until retiring
                                                           Linda & John previously danced professionally 
                                                                            winning many coveted titles.

This spiffing Deco Jazz cruise was organised by Steph & Anthony and we would all like to think that it will become a yearly event.
If you facing joining us next year visit

However our night did not finish as the cruise ended quite the contary as we all decamped  up the hill (so much easier on the down ward walk) to Hydro Hotel to changed and get ready for our Summer Ball.

That however I will leave for another blogg.

Toodle Pip for now x

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  1. oooo looks like much fun was had. I never find out about things until it's too late!!:(