Wednesday, 27 July 2011

TLC..... Sew White.

Hello Lovelies...
I have been sorting out some of the many thing in my "to do" vintage suitcase and decided that whilst the Sunshine's I will begin repairing some of the vintage white linen that I have collected, acquired or even better been given over the years.

Some as you will see by the photographs needs spoonfuls of TLC other just a small dainty stitch here and there.

I am in a place of contentment when I am repairing  pre loved linen with every intention of using each piece ones again in my own home.

Each and every piece will be soaked overnight and gently hand washed and hung out in the sunshine to dry before I start any repair work.
Ohhh how I love hand washing and seeing it blowing in the wind on the washing line, daft I know but there you go. 

Toodle Pip.

Slow Growing......The same... But diffrent.

I have a confession to make.....whilst tidying my wardrobe and dressing table the other day, which was much needed and long over due I might add I suddenly realised that I have collected unintentionally several marble effect traveling accessories bags.
 I found this Pyjama case recently in a charity shop
 and inside was this lovely traveling storage glove holder.

This lovely silk stocking traveling storage bag was also from a charity shop, 
a while ago now and I use it to store my nylons.                                                                                                                                                            
I don't seem to be able to remember where I brought                        this lovely hankerchiefs traveling storage bag, I use it to store some of my jewlery when traveling.

And I know that this Hosiery storage bag was the first one I required, unfortunately the price label left a mark from the glue, but I still love it.
In fact I love each and every one of my slowly growning  collection.

Chin Chin.




Sunday, 24 July 2011

Oh if you must......

What Ho......
Shady Ray took this photo of me the morning after the night before whilst away at the Hep Cats weekend recently, I know I look a real picture.

 This however is me as I looked on our way to breakfast not so long after, falling in love (again).
 I do love my vintage cars, as for vintage husband  Shady Ray at times flies close  to the wind.
Toodle Pip.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Hep Cats Finale.

What Ho....

And so sadly the final night of an amazing weekender arrived and so every one dress to impress for the Hawaiian Hula.


I wish I had taken a better picture of John's sailor outfit, which he made himself as it was so very impressive.
                          Shady Ray dancing with a lovely Hula Gal.

John took this photo so ones again the opportunity to see his sailor outfit in all it's glory was missed, but as you can tell by the smiles we all had a tickerty boo time.
 Toodle Pip.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hula Girl


I found this lovely Tahitian girl a little while ago in a local charity shop and just had to bring her home.
She wobbles when tapped and she so reminded me of when my sister Pam and I went to Miami Beach Florida and saw a Hawaiian show.

She also reminded me of one of my favourite films when I was a small child.
The Hurricane (1937)  


 I am told I sat glued to the TV not speaking a word, no mean feat as I am told I only stopped chattering when I was asleep.

I think I may be getting hooked on on Hula related items, who knows it maybe the begin of a beautiful relationship.
Toodle Pip.