Tuesday, 17 May 2011

1942 US Chrysler. I'm in Love.

I recently for the second time had the pleasure of the company of this truly beautiful grand old Dame...

A 1942 US Chrysler, 19 foot long in Regal Maroon, two tons in weight, mohair interior and under the bonnet the same engine as in a Sherman Tank.
A proud survivor of the  Atlantic crossing and London Bombing.
Once a dignitary car, only one of six in existence.

 True Love xx

I consider myself so
fortunate to know and go dancing with the lovely chap who lovely restored and owns this beautiful car.
Here it is as it features on page 24 issue 13 of Milk Cow Magazine July 2010.

Milkcow Issue 13One Grand Old Dame whose
                                                             company I hope to have again
                                                             very soon.
Toodle Pip.

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