Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vintage Egyptian.


I excited because I am about to share with you the amazing pieces of Egyptian History that I brought home from our recent North African Tour.

Normal shops bore me but I do have a knack of finding the strange and unusual, it comes with my love of all things Vintage.

 This shop was called

Aladdin's Cave.

As you can see from the photo taken of me by my lovely Shady Ray it caught my attention.

"What have you seen" he asked  "I don't know yet, lets go in "I replied.

So in we went................

And what I found were these two little buttons depicting King Farouk & Queen Farida hidden in a cupboard with other bits and pieces.

The picture is paper and the rim and back of the button is mental.

His Majesty King Farouk , Her Majesty Queen Farida on their wedding day in 1938 looks as if that is what my buttons were produced to celebrate.

His Majesty King Farouk , Her Majesty Queen Farida
and Her Royal Highness Princess Firyal

Egypt's Last Royal Family

Known as "the last of the Pharaohs", Farouk was the last King to rule in the land of the Nile.
The era of monarchy and royalties ended up with him. July 23rd was the last day of the King in Alexandria. On the royal boat "Al Mahroussa", he sails with his family to Capri, and from there, starts his journey into the exile.

I also found this photograph
of this lovely elegant Gal in the cupboard
and just had to buy her.
The buttons and the photograph are now in my What Not Cabinet taking pride of place.                                                  

 And then what should I find on E bay but this wonderful broach.

Toodle Pip for now.


  1. Such amazing finds! I'm smitten with anything vintage or antique that includes actual photographic images and can imagine the delight you must have found upon unearthing these buttons (the eBay brooch is, as well, completely wonderful!).

    Big hugs & joyful Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica from Chronically Vintage