Friday, 27 May 2011


Hi -de - hi  ...... and greetings

As I am sure you all realise going to a holiday camp in the early 1950's was anew and exciting thing to do  and my parents like so many newlyweds spent their honey moon and or first holidays together at one.

I recently found these photos of my parents taken in the early 1950's at a holiday camp on Hayling Island.

                              My parents are the middle couple.
My dad was always sharp I think this came from being  a) being an East End Lad & b) being use to wearing a Merchant Navy uniform and having the luxury of having his suites made in Singapore.
My mum always wore the most up to date fashion and also had most of her cloths made, even her underwear which she made herself.

My mum remembers taking part in this lovely legs competition and still had the delicate hand made garter worn in this picture when I was a small child.

People sure knew how to dress in those days, every woman was a lady and every man a gentleman.

Cheerio x

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  1. How wonderful! A lovely legs competition? I wouldn't fancy my own chances!