Monday, 30 May 2011

ALL THAT JAZZ !!!!!!!!!

Sunday saw myself and Shady Ray meet up with a group of friends to enjoy the Southport International Jazz Festival.

There was plenty of Pimms consumed and although the weather was over cast the sun did manage to poke it's head out for short periods of time.
 We pitched ourselfs outside the Pimms Tent.....
 sat back and enjoyed the music and of course danced and then danced some more.
Peter & Gillian.                                                        


Anthony & Cecillia.


Unfortunately there are no photographs of Shady Ray & I dancing which I can reassure you we did.                         
So I have included this one of us taken by one of our daughters before we left.

We had an simply spiffing afternoon.
 Toodle Pip.

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