Wednesday, 7 September 2011

1940's Wartime Weekend.

The coastal town of Lytham St Anne's hosted what is hoped
was it's first of many 1940's wartime weekend a few weekends ago.  

From the dark days of Dunkirk, hard times on the home, throughout the horror of the blitz to D -Day and victory in Europe and Asia.

This weekend had it all,

A whole array of childhood memories.

My sisters and I all slept in, and climb out of a baby cot similar to the one in this picture.

An amazing collection of everyday items from the war years was on show, which brought back mix
memories judging by the oohhs and aahhs.....
                                          These handkerchiefs were keep sakes sent by soliders, 
                                                              sailors and airmen  to their
                                                         at home, often hand painted, 
                                                                    or embroidered.  

I remember my mother and nana's wearing fur lined boots similar to those on this table.

The smart gent in the back ground played shellac long records on a wind up gramophone, and seemed to have an amazing collection.

And dressed in their finest was this lady and gentlemen who's knowledge 
knew no limitation and happily answered peopled questioned and listened to their stories. 


And then there was the the
authentic uniforms and equipment.
                                  Mine Sweeping.

The Field Hospital.
                                                                 The  brave men 
                                                                 of the Resistance.

And of course there was the authntic vehicles,
lovingly shown, having been often restored from rusting wrecks,
and lovely brought back to life.
Five minutes walk 
from the green was the Town......              
which was like walking back in time,
to the war years.........
 I wonder how many coupons
would have been required ?

                                                                This smartly dressed gentlemen 
                                                                            however may have been able to help with coupons...

There was a Vintage fashion fair organised by OhLaLa Vintage   
held in the Assembly Rooms and providing the entertainment was the amazing 
Radio Olympia   
                                                          and the lovely Miss Ivy Walters.

Shady Ray & I have already penciled next year
dates into our diary 18th /19th August 2012 
as all in all this was an amazing weekend, that I am sure
can and will get better year on year.

Toodle Pip x


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