Friday, 16 September 2011

The Changing Times of an English Village

It is said that country life is sweet, that it is the most natural life for a person to live, hence, village life is highly cherished, I know because I am fortunate to live that life, in a village.

Village life was slower and quieter when  I moved over two decades ago from the fast pace of London. 
Villagers were content with a life that was plainer and more simple and so was I.
                                                          One of the many thatched cottages.  

The Local Police Station.                                             
                                                       Ring for service  and wait.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Union Jack flying. 

 And I know all the ladies and gents by name 
who work behind the counters.                                      

                                 I often ride past this cottage/ house
                             whilst out riding on the Duchess, such a
                             lovely cottage garden.

The other night however I realised that 21st century life had arrived when I attended the Villages first Vintage Fashion Fayre.
 It was advertised as The Little Vintage Fashion fayre and was tiny compared to some that I have attended.

There were however some lovely items, unfortunately all a little to modern for me I am unashamedly a 1940's / 50's girl.

                                                           1970's at it's finest.

All vintage fashion Fayre's have to have
a section of buttons, no matter how small 
the fayre.

The lady running the fayre informed me that she intends to do so monthly, so I will let you know  how they go......
                         And then a couple of days letter whilst shopping in the village for nuts for the      squirrels and wild birds from the independent green grocers and fresh bread from the independent baker I noticed that one of the (too) many charity shops that we have in the village had a window display of Vintage handbags.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Needle Point 1950's handbags
 Leather Mock Croc 1930's / 40's /50's handbags     

Yes I have to admit I was tempted but I found a something else that I just had to buy instead, but that's another blog.

Toodle Pip x


  1. What a charming little town! That 1970's orange floral dress is uber unique. =)

  2. I love villages, but not to live in. I'm an urban girl through and through, and a 70s one at that! Mind you, I live in classic 30s suburbia now!

  3. I love village life, but not sure ours is ready for a vintage event yet... Lizzie x