Saturday, 10 September 2011

Swing ... Swing ... Swing ..... Commanders.

A couple of weekends ago Shady Ray & I went to a 1940's
dance run by Swingaroo Vintage Dance Hall to
see an much talked about band The Swing Commanders.

The Band consist of three gals and three gents and boy can they sing. 
Between the six of them they play up to fourteen different instruments which they interchange at the blink of an eye

The dance floor was never empty and the tunes came fast a furious.

The beautiful wine coloured dress was made by a lovely young gals called Josie and she makes each dress to the customs requirements  ..... and can be found at
Snuffle Prawn Swing Dresses @ face book.

                                                         John & Cathie.

                                                                                                              Cathie & Lynda.
A brilliant way to help with the dehydration 
and cooling down had been organised.

A stop me and buy one
vintage ice cream bicycle.                      John being the gentlemen that he is went and
                                                                                                                 brought the Ice creams.
                                                             Judging by the look on their faces 
                                                                                 I think they enjoyed them.


Laura (back  row) made this lovely halterneck top herself in a Liberty print  
using a vintage pattern.

And so the Swing Commanders played on and the dance floor never emptied and a brilliant night was had by all, until next time my vintage lovelies.

Chin Chin x

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  1. oh that seems really a fabulous event!!! and all the gals are wearing so stunning dresses!!!
    love and kiss,mary