Friday, 23 September 2011

I'v got the Neddle..


What Ho.........                                                

As you may remember I have recently take up the wonderful all consuming craft of knitting and find that I have an ever growing collection of vintage knitting needles in both Bakelite and plastic and also a knitting needle box.


I just love this box, even though it is slightly discoloured / faded which is to me all part of it's charm.

                  My local charity shops have so far been a
            good place to pick up vintage knitting needles 
                and at a third of the price that
           I would pay for new heavier metal ones.
I truely love my news vintage hobby and although it gives me the needle occassionaly 
I am nevertheless looking forward to
wearing my first handknitted jumper 
made with love by me for me.

Toodle Pip x


  1. The needle box is certainly even more charming with the fading and I love old needles too:)). Oh you clever woman knitting your very first jumper!! xo

  2. Oh how we love that needle box, they just do not make things the same this days! lovely blog, we will definitely come back :)

    Please check out our blog too if you have a minute, Love P&C xx