Monday, 26 September 2011

Dusty, Musty, Tatty & Worn.......

What Ho....
As a lover of  books but I must confess I am also a lover of second hand books and therefore second hand book shops.

As young teenage girl working in London several decades ago I frequented some of the best and the shoddier second hand book shops of the time, the prices allowed me to feed my vivacious intellectual appetite and most if not all of the books I purchased then remain with me today, treasured processions.
Whilst out walking from one destination to another on Saturday 
I turn a corner and stumbled across this never before found 
(well not by me any how) 
 jewel of a second hand bookshop.
I just had to enter I was unable to resist the dusty, musty smell that was already emanating through the open doorway drawing me in towards the Aladdin's cave of hidden treasure.
I love the aged smell of the yellowed pages of an old book as much if not more than that of a new book, an old book has character it may have cracked and torn pages but it also has a history, a past, and a tale to tell, a tale that is often told in part by an inscription on the inside cover, a forgotten note used as a book mark, an old recite, theater ticket, or best of all an old photograph. 

Yes of course I made a purchase, but only the one,   

because as I said at the begin of this tale I was on my way to another place......

Never the less there is something quiet incredible about owning a previously loved book.
       Toodle Pip x


  1. Lovely post. I adore old book shops as well. I spent a good chunk of my freshman year at university tucked up into the attic of an old used book shop after befriending the owner. He's bring me tea, and we'd discuss philosophy. His wife had just passed away, and I was really hating the new city-we were exactly what each other needed at that time: great friends, with a love of old books :)

  2. I love second hand books, I mainly get mine from charity shops. Our best local 2nd hand book shops are run by chairities anyway, and some of the others crank up the prices something crazy.