Friday, 21 January 2011

Caught on camera.... The Birth of British Rock & Roll....

You and I both have until early April to get our glad rags on and pop along to .......

An exhibition of photographs by Harry Hammond, Entitled “The Birth of British Rock” which is at the Lowry Gallery Manchester from now until the to 10th April 2011.

Harry Hammond was without equal as a photographer of the emerging stars of that new phenomenon known as rock and roll.

He was the first to chronicle this new breed of rock & roll stars and realise which way the pop world was turning.

He captured in his stunning black and white images most of the founding talents of rock’n’roll, including Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.
Hammond even snapped Elvis during a brief stopover at Prestwick airport at the end of his military service in Germany. Elvis's only visit to Britain.

Billy Fury in his Hey Day.

Hammond died in 2009 at the grand age of 88, leaving a legacy of 15,000 photographs, 80 of which are being shownen in this well worth a visit exhibition at Salford’s Lowry Gallery. Manchester.

You never know we might bump into each other there, that would be nice....

and right now so would a nice cup of tea....


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