Friday, 14 January 2011

Hurrican In Mink.

I'm the kind of girl that things natually happen to.
 When they don't I give tham a push”   

The new biography published this month and written by David Bret is already by my bedside awaiting it's turn to be read.....

Diana Dors: Hurricane in Mink
Dubbed the British Marilyn Monroe' or the British Bridget Bardot', Diana Dors finally proclaimed I'd rather be known as the hurricane in mink'.

The actress was best known for her lavish lifestyle; she was a blonde bombshell with a penchant for flashy cars, opulent mansions, glitzy garb and jet-setting living.

Diana Dors' rise to fame started with being a GI favourite during the war. However, she was keen to ditch her goody-goody image and announced that she wanted to be like Errol Flynn. It worked she became a huge star, working with the likes of Joan Crawford and famously starred in Yield to the Night, the movie that contributed to the abolition of the death penalty.

But despite the glamour, her affairs, sex parties and OTT lifestyle, including an illicit affair with Rod Steiger left her branded as a scarlet woman, unwanted by the Studios.

Undeterred, the indomitable Dors simply worked tirelessly to establish for herself a successful career in cabaret. Her life was didn't always smell of roses: her first husband cheated on her, stole from her, beat her and finally died of syphilis.
Another lover who she considered faithful two-timed her with Rock Hudson.

She finally found love with husband number three, who killed himself 5 months after her death. This is the amazing story of an actress who loved life and lived it to the full, told with compassion and vigour

My personal favoutite Diana movie is The Long Haul 1957 in which she stars
alongside Victor Mature.

In this film she is every inch ...
The Hurricane In Mink....  and so much more....



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