Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Flash Back...... From the Past.....

Just as I was about to get into my car to go to the villagethis afternoon I was suddenly transformed back to my four year old self..... What I hear you say........ How I hear you ask .....

Simply by the sound and smell of a flat bedded open back coalman's lorry driving past my drive.

The sound that that type of lorry makes and the smell of the open sacks of coal wafting past me left me smiling and thinking of such wonderful innocent times, swinging on the garden gates and making mud pies.

Our coalman when I was a child was Uncle Elmo, he was always smiling and often stopped for a chat and a cup of tea.

My grandfather on my mother side was also a coalman he worked with a horse and cart and had done so since returning from the first world war, my grandmother often said he would have been a rich man but for the fact he gave so much tick (credit).

There are unfortunately no known photos of my grandfather with his horse and cart, but the chap in this pictures looks just as proud.

Wonderful memories.



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