Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Of Jim - Jamms, Slippers & Dressing Gowns.

We have now officially been informed that we have just lived through the coldest December on record, well I be, and there was little old me starting to think that driving to work in -13.5 was normal...........

And what's more now they, those men at the Met Office inform us snow could be on it's way back...... again.... does it real not know when it is not wanted.

What with the increase in VAT and soaring heating bills it all calls for a bit of quick thinking me thinks...

With every spiralling energy cost increased interest is being shown in blankets,cotton sheets and eiderdowns.

We vintage lovers I believe already have the upper hand here because we know all about Jim- Jamms, Pyjama's, Dressing gown, smoking jackets and slippers and all the many advantages to wearing them.


It is great fun to spend an idle day in ones pyjama's watching old black & white films .... whilst pretending to work from home...


Slipping on ones dressing gown and slippers to respond to an emergency makes a person far more prepared than if they are only wearing their birthday suite ( Naked) don't you think.


Slipping on your dressing gown and slippers when going for a midnight snack is so much more civilised and far far warmer.
See full size image


Pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns allow for a more relaxed vintage “Mode de vie” and above all are practical.

And finally a word about the often forgotten, but much loved by those in the know is the Hot water Bottle......
vintage hot water bottle cover knitting pattern

A little bit of heaven that keeps your toes warm and helps you drift of to the land of nod......... zzzzzzzzzz

Sweet Dreams........

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  1. Oh how i love my hot water bottle... as does my little dog who sneaks on my bed!! :)