Monday, 3 January 2011

Of New Leafs, Resolutions & Shaping Up Vintage Style.

A Very Vintage What Ho …. Felicitations and a tickerty Boo vintage 2011.

This time of year appears to be when everyone decided to make the most insensible resolutions, mainly fuelled by lashing of alcohol…… Chin, Chin...
Which the majority of us managed to keep for appropriately a week before breaking them…. no surprises there then......  about the time one becomes sober ones again.

So what I hear you ask is a Vintage Gal suppose to do to loss weight and trim up
join the local Gym and be seen wearing Lycra…… No No Never I hear you holler.

So just how is a Vintage Gal to tone up and loss is weight in a vintage manner.


Starting to watch what you eat (portion size) is a good place to start after all and I don’t mean one of those Fad diets which started in the 1930’s and were followed by the film stars of the day, because  Fad diets did not work then and do not work now just smaller portions.. and fruit.......

Drink milk, water, juice through a straw as it  does wonders for the cheek bones, bringing into play those delicate muscles in the cheeks and those around the corners of the mouth…..

Quickly moving on …….

Exercise on the other hand is proven to be good for you Callisthenics was all the rage in the 1930’s and worked on strengthening the core and improving posture, and we know how important posture is to a Vintage Gal.

Home Companion in 1943  was keen to point out that not only was swimming a good way to trim up (Chance to wear a lovely retro swimming costume) and was recommended for women who wish to add to their bust measurement …
If you try it let me know if it works……

Cycling as a fabulous way to improve the shape of the calf of the leg and cycling is a great way to get plenty of fresh air


Perhaps like me you will wait for the more clement weather before venturing out of your bicycle … like spring.

Fear not …

The way to look vintage perfect and still exercise is to take up a hobby such as Swing dancing, Lindy Hop.

Both Preston and Manchester are fortunate to have a great vintage dance scene


Hold weekly dance classes every Monday night at the Masonic Hall Preston 7.30 till late.

Hold weekly dance classes also on a Monday night in Manchester .


Both dance classes are run by great people and it is not only a sure fired way in which to shape up vintage style but a marvolous place to meet like minded people made new friends and dress up to the nines.

May be I will see you there..

Didderly Poom ...



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