Sunday, 30 January 2011

Pre Fabulous ----- Home Fit For Heros.

I am ones again up on my much used proverbial soap boxSee full size image...........

This time to tell yet another sad tale of how we are in the process of losing FOREVER yet another part of our history.......Our Heritage......

This time I am talking Prefabs or as the small but perfect homes were ones called.....


Joy: Hector Murdoch's historic homecoming in 1946 became one of the war's most famous images

This Picture of Hector Murdoch's historic homecoming in 1946 became one of the war's most famous images

The first prefabs were completed June 1945 only weeks after the war had ended.
Factories that had previously been employed to build other products such as Aeroplanes were converted to build sections of the innovative new houses.
It took a minimum of 40 man-hours to assemble the two bedroom houses complete with plumbing and heating.
Sometimes as in the case of those prefabs built in Catford prisoners of war who were still being held in the country were used to help in the construction of the concrete slabs on which the sections of prefabs were erected.

The prefabs could be completed very quickly once the sections were delivered to the site.
Unlike traditional houses they had fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms.
Despite the construction of 156,622 prefabs the country still faced an acute housing shortage and waiting lists soared in urban areas


In Catford South -East London on the Excalibur Estate only six of the remaining 187 compact bungalows, prefabs erected from factory-built panels by German and Italian prisoners of war in 1945 and 1946, will be saved, these six received Grade-II listing last year.
The remainder of the Excalibur estate in Catford, south-east London, will be demolished, along with its tin-roofed prefab church, St Mark's, believed to be one of a kind.....

As a child growing up in Ilford Essex I remember only to well the prefabs that backed on to Barking Park in Loxford Lane, opposite Loxford Park....

Oh how I longed to live in one of them.......

I also remember these homes being demolished and replaced by concrete soulless  maisonettes.......I can remember thinking then..... why ???

Excalibur estate

These prebas (homes) were expected to last for only 10 years but they proved very popular with some residents, so much so that these 187 are still being lived in and are part of our heritage.

The question has to be asked When will we learn........

Cheerio Ho.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Old Hollywood actress's attic

My favourite place of all time is a small but beautifully shop decorated like an old Hollywood actress's attic with wooden floorboards, old cabinets packed with jewellery and accessories and lots of old black and white photos that give it a genuine boho feel.
There's racks of incredible vintage dresses, skirts, suits, blouses, knitwear and coats dotted everywhere you look and a few select dresses hanging from the ceiling.
I can tell that the owner is clearly a dedicated fashion follower that has encylopediac knowledge of different styles and periods in fashion history.

Am I going to tell you where my very own secret attic is .... maybe ... one day ...soon

Friday, 28 January 2011

The only afternoon tea date a gal should keep!

With the promises of the ultimate girls’ afternoon and  luxury vintage experience I trundled of through the tunnel to the land of Jack Rabbit Slim & The Cherry Lounge on the Wirral.

With the dainties of hand make cakes and chocolate for eleven's and lashing of hot tea served in china cups from china tea pots we were warmly welcomed by Betty Bee & Lilly Von Pink to their Vintage pamper day.

The room was buzzing, the atmosphere was electric and friendly, along with giggles came lots of name, email and mobile telephone number swapping, there is nothing like alike mind new friend......

We were at the start of a journey back to the glamours eras of the 1940' & 1950's.........

We were treated to a beginners lesson in Burlesque by none other than the great.......
 the wonderful......... the very one and only..........

Millie Dollar......  Of Martin Lounge Fame.

This young lady has a figure to die for and is grace personified.

After the Burlesque lesson we had a group photo taken with Millie..... such a sweet person.

Then came lunch sweet dainty home made sandwiches, more chocolate, more dainty cakes and further lashings of tea in china cups....

Then came the Master Class in Hollywood Hair & Make up....Lots more oohs... and Ahas....Sequels.....Giggles....and Oh You Look Lovely......That lipstick really suits you........

And then last but by no means least a 1950's cheese cake photo shoot, in the outfit of your choice.

Photos professionally taken by none other than Mr Bee himself and your favourite shot turned into a A4 print....      Mr and Mrs Bee

Now you know were my blog photo was taken .....

I had the most amazing day met some lovely gals and have every intention of going to another one very soon...

Me & My Shadow.......

I firstly I must apologise for the tardiness of my complying with the term of accepting the Stylish Blogger Award that I was so graciously given recently this was due to pressure of work..... anyhow.......with out further a do.........

I would like to present the following seven bloggs The Stylish Blogger Award......

Yesterday Girl.
Tea with the Vintage Baroness.
Diary of a Vintage Girl.
Vintage Loveing Libraian in 6 inch heels.
Micheles Vintage Knitwear.
The Butterfly Balcony.

And here are the Seven things you don't / didn't know about me................

1st. Never Again
Several years ago I did a tandem skydive for Charity ... would I do it again ... Not on your nelly...

2nd. Belated thank you's.

My English Master Mr Lidard will remain forever in my heart as he planted the love of the English Language and therefore reading in to my life and for that I will remains forever grateful...

A true Gentlemen & Scholar. Mr. Liddiard

From (1939-45) Mr Liddiard was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy in charge of a motor Torpedo boat!!!

A true unsung hero.....

Also whilst at secondary school I was lent by my Form Mistress a copy of 10 Rilington Place the infamous Christie Murders.... I am ashamed to say I still have the book... which I treasure.
On seeing the film staring Richard Attenborough who looked so like Christie.... weird....
I thought it was every bit as good as the book and remains to this day one of my favourite books to read and films to watch 

See full size image
John Reginal
 Hlliday Christie.

10 Rillington Place

4th Heroins

The Women prisoners of the Japanese during WWII are I am afraid to say very much in my opinion the forgotten heroins of WWII.
The horrific treatment these women both civilian and military suffered at the hands of their Japanese captures in WW II is hardly ever spoken about.  Women's history of Rabaul nurses

Mavis Cullen (L) with Matron Kay Parker
Before their posting to Rabaul

Eleven civilian and six army nurses were taken to Japan as Prisoners of War from Rabaul in 1942, they lived in the most inhuman appalling conditions from 1942 to their reslease / liberation in 1945.


Every time I vote I give up a quite prayer to all of those brave Suffragettes who's tireless efforts and sacrifices lead to me having the automatic right to vote.


Gladies Alwyn know to many as The Little Women from the FilmThe Inn of the Sixth Happiness.
I read this book her autobiography the first time in my late teens, brought second hand and still treasured.
The book is more amazing than the film, one very determined single minded lady.....

Last but not least......

I have an unending passion for Steam Trains, Model Railways and all vintage motor vehicles, I am what you would call “A petrol head”
If I had the money, space and time I would own a Steam Train(s) with Railway Station Trolly Bus, Tram, Plane,, Motor bike with /without side-car, Caravan, Fire Engine, Ambulance, Lorry,See full size image Post office van both large and small.

See full size imageSee full size image
See full size image
See full size image

The list goes on and on...... and of course I would have the LARGEST vintage wardrobe of vintage outfits to go with each and every vehicle......
oh a girl can dream  ........  zzzz.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award.

I have much to my amazement received a Stylish Blogger Award presented to me by
Bruce Parrington -Plans of  ...... drum roll.....

I am most humbled by this award and saying thank you just does not seem enough.

I would also at this time also like to thank those of you who have chosen to follow my humble blog and an extra big THANK YOU & Kiss X to Bruce....


Saturday, 22 January 2011

An Art Deco Icon.....

What Ho Lovers of Vintage .......

I have recently found that having a sat nav has opened up a whole new Vintage world to me, (now that I am no longer scared of it that is) ..... now there is no Vintage fashion Fair, Burlesque night or Lindy Hop that I can not drive to...... oh the freedom........ oh the joy....... oh the expense........

It was because of this new found freedom that I was fortunate to attend a Vintage fashion fair held in this lovely defunct Art deco Aerodrome........
Did you know that there is in fact very little Art Deco architect to be found and what there is, is often hidden and forgotten, unbelievable I know.

Designed by the architect Edward Bloomfield this is a typical 1930s building constructed in a gentle curve with a central octagonal tower,
Completed in 1939 this was the first purpose built aerodrome building incorporating a terminal, control tower and hangars.

During WWII

No. 611 (West Lancashire) Squadron which was formed in 1936 was based here until the end of the war.   

Above is a lovely Photograh of Flight Lieutenant Barrie Heath of 611 Squadron, photographed in 1940 on the wing of Spitfire IIa P7883 "Grahame Heath".

Chocks away ...... So Brave......

I am sorry to say that the interior of this building is slightly disappointing however I had a most pleasant day out and although it was not the biggest of fairs, the quality of merchandise was good and the dealers were friendly, knowledgeable and obliging.... yes that does mean I got a good deal ...... or two.

All in all I had a tickety boo day out and brought several items of clothing, a bakelite bracelet and a lovely suitcase.


Friday, 21 January 2011

Caught on camera.... The Birth of British Rock & Roll....

You and I both have until early April to get our glad rags on and pop along to .......

An exhibition of photographs by Harry Hammond, Entitled “The Birth of British Rock” which is at the Lowry Gallery Manchester from now until the to 10th April 2011.

Harry Hammond was without equal as a photographer of the emerging stars of that new phenomenon known as rock and roll.

He was the first to chronicle this new breed of rock & roll stars and realise which way the pop world was turning.

He captured in his stunning black and white images most of the founding talents of rock’n’roll, including Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.
Hammond even snapped Elvis during a brief stopover at Prestwick airport at the end of his military service in Germany. Elvis's only visit to Britain.

Billy Fury in his Hey Day.

Hammond died in 2009 at the grand age of 88, leaving a legacy of 15,000 photographs, 80 of which are being shownen in this well worth a visit exhibition at Salford’s Lowry Gallery. Manchester.

You never know we might bump into each other there, that would be nice....

and right now so would a nice cup of tea....


When Glamour,Crime & Jazz went hand in hand.

Hitting our TV screens in early February is the long awaited and eagerly anticipated Boardwalk Empire:
This incredibly slick drama is set in Atlantic City during the Roaring Twenties and the Era of Prohibition this series is one that I will for one will not to be missing.

Boardwalk Empire

Although it is ascetically set  around the real life figure of corrupt politician Enoch "Nucky" Johnson who worked for / with the Mafia keeping the liquor flowing and his long term relationship with Margret Schroeder a wife abused by her husband. it is about so much more.

It is about the amazing and often colourful people that made Atlantic City what it was.

This is the Original Human Cannon Ball at Atlantic City Pier
DC0910AC J Boardwalk Empire: Vintage Atlantic City Design
and below is it as featured in Broadwalk Empire.

If you love this Era then I am sure you will be left drooling, no expenses has been spared, the costumes are to die for and the sets are staggering.

Just what the Doctor ordered on a cold February Night me thinks Chin Chin........

The King’s Speech.

 I finally managed to get to see this wonderful period film based on the true story of George VI’s battles to overcome a stammer that hampered his confidence and ability to communicate with the public.

With skillful ease it heads into tearjerker territory– showing that bravery can come in many forms.
We all know that King George VI never expected or wanted to be King, the abdication of his playboy brother Edward VII threw him and his Queen Elizabeth head long into a life with responsibilities that neither of them wanted but which both of them accepted and dutifully and unquestionably executed.

Standing behind him every step of the way his wife, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter, in a wonderfully affectionate performance) enlists the help of eccentric speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush, magnificently colorful and comical) to help the King her beloved husband.

This film is with out a doubt bursting with amazing and astonishing period correct costumes and is a cornucopia of atmosphere of the period and gives us a glimps of what  life was like behind the doors of the royal homes, however what I came away with was a lasting inpression of just how deeply, geniuning and  touching the loyality and friendship that devliped between Bertie and Lionel.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

What's to become of it Watson ?

I am certain that I am one of several million who have read Sir Arthur's Conan Doyle's famous Detective Books telling the life, times and adventures of Sherlock Holmes & Dr John Watson.

Now to my horror I find that the home that Conan Doyle and his family lived in and were he and several other famous authors of the time wrote their now famous books has been allowed to full into decay, sorrowfully empty, neglected and worse of all vandalised.

Undershaw in Hindhead, Surrey, United Kingdom, is the former residence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his family. A fine example of Edwardian architecture, it was built in 1897 in an era when few houses were actually designed by the occupier.    

Undershaw in 1897 with Mary and Kingsley in the driveway

Here he wrote ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ and ‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes’ and entertained many notable people, including Bram Stoker, the author of ‘Dracula’, J M Barrie, the creator of ‘Peter Pan’, and the young Virginia Wolfe.                     
‘Undershaw’ was built by Conan Doyle so that his invalid wife Louise, who was suffering from tuberculosis, could benefit from Hindhead’s healthy microclimate and glorious views down the Nutcombe Valley to the South Downs. Nestling in its three acre plot, Doyle himself drafted the first designs of the house, before passing them on to architect and friend Joseph Henry Ball to complete. Doyle had many inspired ideas for his family’s new home, especially the installation of an electric plant (somewhat a rarity in those days) and a magnificent railway in the grounds that proved a constant joy to his children.                     
Undershaw’s location added a few more years to Louise’s life, but she eventually died in 1906 and is buried in Grayshott churchyard, later being joined by her daughter Mary, who died unmarried in the 1970s, and son Kingsley, who died in the 1918 flu pandemic after surviving his wartime duties as a young doctor.                     
After Louise’s death, Conan Doyle wanted to keep Undershaw for his son. But once Kingsley had also died, he saw no reason to hold on to the house and sold it in 1921 for £4,000 …. a considerable loss on the original £10,000 cost of the building and land. From 1924 the house became a hotel, closing its doors in 2004 when Des Moore/ Neil Caffrey of Fossway Ltd purchased the building for development.                    
Conan Doyle outside Undershaw

Today, Undershaw stands sorrowfully empty, neglected and vandalised,  Waverley Borough Council having granted the owners planning permission to carve up the literary, historic house into three flats, with five more homes built on its side.  Modern town houses ….or maintained as the single dwelling that Conan Doyle designed and had built? The Undershaw Preservation Trust is vigorously working towards the latter.                    
Undershaw today as it stands sorrowfully neglected

The preferred vision of the Undershaw Preservation Trust is to restore, in period style, the house, stable, well and grounds ….. all of which have survived 113 years. Trees could be thinned to open up views from the garden down the Nutcombe Valley to the South Downs and, with permission, a bronze statue of Sherlock Holmes (or Conan Doyle) could be appropriately placed at the Hindhead crossroads. Undershaw could become a self supporting Sherlock Holmes/Conan Doyle Museum (with refreshment area for visitors) and exhibits could be in conjunction with the Portsmouth Museum’s 50,000 item Doyle collection of John Gibson’s late friend, Richard Lancelyn Green. The Museum could then become part of a Conan Doyle tour, including visits to his London connections, Portsmouth Museum and his grave in the New Forest’s Minstead Churchyard. 

The blog

Help to Save Undershaw

Is well worth a looks see and maybe like me you will decided to become a friend of Undershaw and help save one more little bit of our history that we are going to lose if we don't fight for it.

The Games is a Foot.


Friday, 14 January 2011

Hurrican In Mink.

I'm the kind of girl that things natually happen to.
 When they don't I give tham a push”   

The new biography published this month and written by David Bret is already by my bedside awaiting it's turn to be read.....

Diana Dors: Hurricane in Mink
Dubbed the British Marilyn Monroe' or the British Bridget Bardot', Diana Dors finally proclaimed I'd rather be known as the hurricane in mink'.

The actress was best known for her lavish lifestyle; she was a blonde bombshell with a penchant for flashy cars, opulent mansions, glitzy garb and jet-setting living.

Diana Dors' rise to fame started with being a GI favourite during the war. However, she was keen to ditch her goody-goody image and announced that she wanted to be like Errol Flynn. It worked she became a huge star, working with the likes of Joan Crawford and famously starred in Yield to the Night, the movie that contributed to the abolition of the death penalty.

But despite the glamour, her affairs, sex parties and OTT lifestyle, including an illicit affair with Rod Steiger left her branded as a scarlet woman, unwanted by the Studios.

Undeterred, the indomitable Dors simply worked tirelessly to establish for herself a successful career in cabaret. Her life was didn't always smell of roses: her first husband cheated on her, stole from her, beat her and finally died of syphilis.
Another lover who she considered faithful two-timed her with Rock Hudson.

She finally found love with husband number three, who killed himself 5 months after her death. This is the amazing story of an actress who loved life and lived it to the full, told with compassion and vigour

My personal favoutite Diana movie is The Long Haul 1957 in which she stars
alongside Victor Mature.

In this film she is every inch ...
The Hurricane In Mink....  and so much more....



A Case Of Tit For Tat.

Or in this case tatting to cover a tit…… pardon the French….
The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Dressmaking in 1940 suggested that ……a gal could make her coupons go a little bit further by tatting herself a brassiere from crochet cotton, or knit or crochet a brassiere and use wide elastic over the back .
One of my girlfriends who is a buxom gal was in fits of giggles at this idea informing me that a pattern for a string bag one for each of hers would be more appropriate, and what about nipples burn, oh makes the eyes water just talking about it
The very same pictorial  also suggests that alternatively  a very dainty brassiere could be made from a pretty trimmed handkerchief.,  ones again my girlfriend was in fits of giggles, well so declared I would need a head scarf for each, a pretty trimmed on of course....more giggles.
I know that these items were suggested for those gals with smaller busts…..
But the idea just made me smile and giggle... brighten my day ..


Monday, 10 January 2011

A Little Piece Of Me Time.

This Friday Morning will find me sat eating my breakfast in my pyjamas watching the Noel Coward film Blithe Spirit.
Naughty I know but waht the heck, a little bit of what you  fancy  does you good...
and I promise to do some hovering or such afterwards.... maybe.

Blithe Spirit Poster\

This film crackles from start to finish with Noel Cowards trade mark wit.


Charles Condomine, a novelist, and his wife, Ruth, have invited their friends Dr and Mrs Bradman to join them for drinks and dinner with a local clairvoyant, Madame Arcati. Charles is planning a novel about a homicidal spiritualist and wants to observe the behaviour of Madame Arcati during a séance after dinner. The Bradmans arrive, and the four friends discuss Madame Arcati, sure that she will be a harmless fraud. They are interrupted when Madame Arcati arrives, dinner is served, and the séance begins. Much to the surprise of the two couples, there are supernatural manifestations--the table trembles, Madame Arcati falls into a trance, and Charles hears the voice of Elvira, his first wife, whom he loved dearly but who died several years ago. Frightened, he wakes Madame Arcati, and the party breaks up.

As Charles shows the Bradmans out, in walks the ghost of Elvira, grey from head to foot. Only Charles can see and hear her, and he and Ruth immediately quarrel about her presence. The cross-conversation between Charles and Ruth and Charles and Elvira is exasperating to Ruth, who, believing Charles is drunk, goes off to bed in a huff.

The next morning at breakfast, Ruth is very cool to Charles and insists that he had too much to drink the night before. When he insists that he had a hallucination, Ruth attributes it to indigestion. The bickering continues until Elvira enters, carrying roses. When Charles sees her, a comical miscommunication begins, with Ruth unable to see or hear Elvira and feeling certain that Charles’s unpleasant remarks are meant for her. Ruth becomes convinced her husband is mad and tries to soothe him and go for a doctor. Charles, frantic to be believed, enlists Elvira’s help, and she moves a bowl of flowers around the room to prove her existence. Ruth becomes hysterical, not sure whether she is being deluded, is going insane, or is actually in the presence of a ghost.

Later, alone, Ruth visits Madame Arcati again--and is shocked and angered that Madame Arcati is unable to dematerialize Elvira and also believes that Charles subconsciously wanted Elvira back. When Ruth is rude to her, the spiritualist leaves in a huff. Elvira and Charles enter, and Elvira seems delighted that she will be a permanent guest. Ruth swears to rid herself of the ghost.

Suspense builds when, several days later, both Edith (the maid) and Charles have accidents--Edith because of axle grease rubbed on the stairs and Charles on a ladder that proves to have been sawed nearly in two. Ruth insists, and Charles is convinced, that Elvira is trying to kill Charles in order to have him for herself again. Ruth leaves in the car, which Elvira had booby-trapped for Charles, and is killed in the ensuing “accident.” The act ends with Elvira frantically retreating from Ruth’s ghost, invisible to Charles.
Charles calls Madame Arcati, who goes into a trance to try and dematerialize Elvira. It works in reverse though, and in walks the ghost of Ruth, now plainly visible, along with Elvira, to Charles. After trying all sorts of supernatural tricks, Madame Arcati is about to despair; the ghosts simply will not go away. Then she realizes that it was not Charles who called up Elvira and Ruth--it was Edith. The maid, when discovered, is contrite, and Madame Arcati hypnotizes her; and the ghosts vanish at last.

Charles, now alone, but not really alone, teases Ruth and Elvira about how much he will enjoy his freedom. Vases crash into the fireplace, pictures come crashing down, the mantel topples--and the curtain falls.

I love this film mainly because of of the wonderful actress Margret Rutherford who plays the bumberling medium Madame Arcati a role Coward himself had ealier envisiaged for her.

It was because of this film that Margret Rutherford first came in to prominence and of course she went on to play Agathta Christie's Miss Marple in three wonderful film, I really must watch them again... soon


Blithe Spirit: Introducing Madame Arcati

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Weird and wonderful' auction.

If you are looking for a vintage way to while away a few hour in splendid company why not trot alone on the 19th of this month to.....

The Gentleman's Library Sale at Bonhams London which is now in its 11th year.
Unique to Bonhams, the sale features all kinds of objects that may have been found in a Victorian or Edwardian Gentleman's Library from fossils to cigarette boxes, leather armchairs to globes, chess sets to family portraits.

During the war, portraits of Churchill were important propaganda tools but he rarely actually sat for them. In 1944 he did so, briefly, for the artist Frank O Salisbury who had already painted him many times. 

  When the Prime Minister left, he discarded his half smoked cigar which the painter kept as a
souvenir. It has been in the family ever since and is estimated at between £600 and £1,000. 

And also up for sale is a Christmas presents from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to their private secretary of ten years, Mr Victor Waddilove, the gifts include a gold pen knife and a silver beaker, both engraved with the ciphers of Edward and Wallis.are among a small archive of memorabilia connected with the controversial couple (£2,000-2,500)                                      


How I would love to own just a somthing own  or given by iether the Duke or Duchess of Windsor.
Maybe one day.....

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Events in January

As promised I intend to post a list of events that are on each month.

This month I so far have only been able to find ;

Click to show "Jive dance" result 1

Swingaroo Vintage Dance hall.

Date: Friday 28th January 2011.
Location: Ashlar House Saul St Preston PR1 2QU

Doors open at 7pm Free Lesson at 7.30 sharp: beginners especially welcome. Live music and cabaret every time, and be sure to arrive early not to miss the cakes!
Tickets £7 in advance £10 on the door
Party like its 1939!'
Advance Tickets from Reef Clothing Lune St

Telephone: 07925 150 927

DJAM 2011 Swing Dance Festival

Date: 28/01/2011 to 30/01/2011.
Location: Durham UK

DJAM Swing Dance Festival
Improve your Dance skills in one fun-packed weekend - Friday 28th to Sunday 30th January 2011
Book on-line or phone number below for more information

Telephone: 07719 174 544

Happy Dancing.......

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Of Jim - Jamms, Slippers & Dressing Gowns.

We have now officially been informed that we have just lived through the coldest December on record, well I be, and there was little old me starting to think that driving to work in -13.5 was normal...........

And what's more now they, those men at the Met Office inform us snow could be on it's way back...... again.... does it real not know when it is not wanted.

What with the increase in VAT and soaring heating bills it all calls for a bit of quick thinking me thinks...

With every spiralling energy cost increased interest is being shown in blankets,cotton sheets and eiderdowns.

We vintage lovers I believe already have the upper hand here because we know all about Jim- Jamms, Pyjama's, Dressing gown, smoking jackets and slippers and all the many advantages to wearing them.


It is great fun to spend an idle day in ones pyjama's watching old black & white films .... whilst pretending to work from home...


Slipping on ones dressing gown and slippers to respond to an emergency makes a person far more prepared than if they are only wearing their birthday suite ( Naked) don't you think.


Slipping on your dressing gown and slippers when going for a midnight snack is so much more civilised and far far warmer.
See full size image


Pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns allow for a more relaxed vintage “Mode de vie” and above all are practical.

And finally a word about the often forgotten, but much loved by those in the know is the Hot water Bottle......
vintage hot water bottle cover knitting pattern

A little bit of heaven that keeps your toes warm and helps you drift of to the land of nod......... zzzzzzzzzz

Sweet Dreams........

A small package of happiness

What Ho one and all

This lovely Vintage 1940's WW2 plastic wire flower brooch arrived in the morning post I have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival since winning it on E bay before Christmas.

Item picture

It is just darling and I am sure it will look lovely on one of my cardigans oh I am such a happy gal.

More soon......

Watching the Pennies.


Tonight I am cooking a meal that is one of my families favourites.
It comes from

Martha's Kitchen War Time Recipes booklet.


2lb Potatoes.
1lb Onions.
1lb Sausages.
1 T Sage.
1 T Thyme.
2 Beef stock cubes.
Salt & Pepper.

Peel and slice the potatoes, peel and chop the onions.
Dice the Sausages.

In a baking dish put a layer of potatoes, a layer of onions and a layer of sausage.
Season to taste and sprinkle over half the herbs.

Continues the layers until you have used all of the ingredients, ending with a layer of potatoes.
Sprinkle the rest of the herbs.

Dissolve the stock cubes in 1 pint (600ml) of hot water and pour into the baking dish.

Bake in a medium oven for approximately 40 minutes.

Martha suggests serving with crisp green cabbage.

I serve it with various vegetables or baked beans.

Stovies Recipe at MyDish

This recipe is one of the ingenious healthy and nutritious meals introduced by the Ministry of Food during WW2 when food rationing was introduced however with food prices increasing by the day Healthy and Nutritional meals are ones again an important part of making food shopping money (house keeping) go that little bit further or at least as far as it went last week.

And of course if there is any left over it can be re heated the next day or frozen for another day.

If you try this recipe I hope you enjoy it, let me know ....


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Flash Back...... From the Past.....

Just as I was about to get into my car to go to the villagethis afternoon I was suddenly transformed back to my four year old self..... What I hear you say........ How I hear you ask .....

Simply by the sound and smell of a flat bedded open back coalman's lorry driving past my drive.

The sound that that type of lorry makes and the smell of the open sacks of coal wafting past me left me smiling and thinking of such wonderful innocent times, swinging on the garden gates and making mud pies.

Our coalman when I was a child was Uncle Elmo, he was always smiling and often stopped for a chat and a cup of tea.

My grandfather on my mother side was also a coalman he worked with a horse and cart and had done so since returning from the first world war, my grandmother often said he would have been a rich man but for the fact he gave so much tick (credit).

There are unfortunately no known photos of my grandfather with his horse and cart, but the chap in this pictures looks just as proud.

Wonderful memories.



If the Glove Fits

Everyone I am sure has each year a favourite Christmas present, and I am no exception.
This year I was given by a dear friend a lovely pair of cream leather Vintage Dents gloves still in their original plastic cover....... which reads ..... Gloves by Dents made in Malta.....
if the previous owner(s) worn them it was only ones or twice as they are in vintage new condition..... and they fit me like a glove... Tee Hee.

Dent’s was founded in 1777 in Worcester and are famous around the world Dent's made the gloves for both George VI and Elizabeth II on their coronations.
As I write this I am planning in my head my outfit when I wear them for their first outing.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Of New Leafs, Resolutions & Shaping Up Vintage Style.

A Very Vintage What Ho …. Felicitations and a tickerty Boo vintage 2011.

This time of year appears to be when everyone decided to make the most insensible resolutions, mainly fuelled by lashing of alcohol…… Chin, Chin...
Which the majority of us managed to keep for appropriately a week before breaking them…. no surprises there then......  about the time one becomes sober ones again.

So what I hear you ask is a Vintage Gal suppose to do to loss weight and trim up
join the local Gym and be seen wearing Lycra…… No No Never I hear you holler.

So just how is a Vintage Gal to tone up and loss is weight in a vintage manner.


Starting to watch what you eat (portion size) is a good place to start after all and I don’t mean one of those Fad diets which started in the 1930’s and were followed by the film stars of the day, because  Fad diets did not work then and do not work now just smaller portions.. and fruit.......

Drink milk, water, juice through a straw as it  does wonders for the cheek bones, bringing into play those delicate muscles in the cheeks and those around the corners of the mouth…..

Quickly moving on …….

Exercise on the other hand is proven to be good for you Callisthenics was all the rage in the 1930’s and worked on strengthening the core and improving posture, and we know how important posture is to a Vintage Gal.

Home Companion in 1943  was keen to point out that not only was swimming a good way to trim up (Chance to wear a lovely retro swimming costume) and was recommended for women who wish to add to their bust measurement …
If you try it let me know if it works……

Cycling as a fabulous way to improve the shape of the calf of the leg and cycling is a great way to get plenty of fresh air


Perhaps like me you will wait for the more clement weather before venturing out of your bicycle … like spring.

Fear not …

The way to look vintage perfect and still exercise is to take up a hobby such as Swing dancing, Lindy Hop.

Both Preston and Manchester are fortunate to have a great vintage dance scene


Hold weekly dance classes every Monday night at the Masonic Hall Preston 7.30 till late.

Hold weekly dance classes also on a Monday night in Manchester .


Both dance classes are run by great people and it is not only a sure fired way in which to shape up vintage style but a marvolous place to meet like minded people made new friends and dress up to the nines.

May be I will see you there..

Didderly Poom ...



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